Wisdom Tooth Removal in La Jolla

Wisdom teeth are something most all of us have to face at some time in our lives.

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What You Should Know

A majority of people have their wisdom teeth start to show between ages 17-25. These are also known as third molars (appearing behind the first two in your mouth). Wisdom teeth come in different shapes and sizes, but for the most part we each get 4 wisdom teeth which need to be removed.

Symptoms that it may be time to get your wisdom teeth checked and/or removed are:

It is important to get these symptoms checked out as soon as possible. The longer they are let go, the more possibilities of bacteria infecting the area, or causing misalignment of other teeth - thus requiring further dental work.

Depending on your scenario, there are different approaches to handle your wisdom teeth. This depends on the type of impaction: Soft tissue impaction (the crown of the wisdom tooth coming through the bone, all or part of it remaining below the gum line), partial bony impaction (not all of the crown has erupted through the bone) and complete bony impaction (wisdom tooth fully covered by bone).

Whatever scenario you fall into, you can rest assured that our dentist at La Jolla will provide a unique handling system to get you the smoothest possible approach to handling your wisdom teeth. Our dental staff understand that this might not be the easiest procedure to go through. But with our state of the art approach and equipment, this experience has been much more approachable.

We also have a variety of sedation options to help you with this procedure. Your best option is to get this evaluated by out top dentist La Jolla, and once you know what the extraction will require, you can move forward with the best plan that fits for you for wisdom teeth removeal in La Jolla.


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