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Choosing a La Jolla family dentist can be a challenge, given the variety of needs to be met. You want the best dental care for the whole family, and Beautiful Smiles of La Jolla is privileged for the opportunity to serve yours.

Our compassionate family dentist will treat the youngest members of your family, from infants to teenagers, and years of additional education and training ensure your little ones are being examined by the best family dentist in La Jolla.

It’s never too early to begin healthy oral habits, and you can rest assured that Beautiful Smiles of La Jolla impresses such importance in a way that is kid-friendly and easily understood. We understand the responsibility of building your child’s trust, and our state-of-the-art technology combined with our warm and friendly staff will lead to a lifetime of healthy oral hygiene (with your help, that is!).

Together we can teach your child to take pride in caring for their teeth. During visits, you can expect:

Beautiful Smiles of La Jolla teaches your child that trips to the dentist can be a pleasant experience, and the better care that is taken at home, the easier and quicker the dentist visits. While fluoride treatments and cleanings do wonders for your children’s teeth, they work best in conjunction with daily dental care.

As your child grows into adolescence, their dental requirements will change and treatments will be adjusted accordingly. All of us at Beautiful Smiles of La Jolla remember our lives as teenagers, and it’s common for school and social activities to take precedence over oral care habits; this is one of the biggest reasons our pediatric dentists are so passionate about children learning habits that they can continue well into adulthood.

Your teenager’s teeth are now permanent, and this is the age group where cavities can begin to multiply due to lifestyle habits. Teens with orthodontic work (such as metal braces) should understand their oral care has the additional challenge of clearing food particles that can hide and rapidly cause tooth decay.

A few habits you and your adolescent can expect to cover:

  • Flossing & brushing twice daily
  • Avoiding starchy snacks that stick to the teeth
  • Mid-day brushing to loosen such food
  • Water flossers for orthodontics
  • Continuing to wear retainers until instructed otherwise
  • Mouth guards to protect teeth during activity

Our premier dentist La Jolla appreciates the symbiotic relationship we have with our patients; our treatments are not to be used in lieu of daily dental care, and much of your dental success depends on what happens once you leave our office. Your diligent work, combined with our professional family dentist in La Jolla, can help provide a lifetime of healthy living.

From your child’s first tooth to when the braces come off, Beautiful Smiles of La Jolla is honored to be a part of the process. Call our office today to learn more about how we can best address your family’s dental needs.


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