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What Is Dental Restoration?

The goal of La Jolla dental restoration is to reconstruct your teeth and mouth for normal oral function while providing visually pleasing aesthetics. If teeth are worn, cracked, decayed or even missing, a variety of dental restoration techniques are available to repair your smile. Your dentist will decide whether the procedure will be “direct” or “indirect”.

Direct Restoration

Usually completed in a single office visit, direct tooth restoration typically involves the filling of caries, also known as cavities. The top-notch dentists at Beautiful Smiles of La Jolla are extensively trained to offer the least invasive (yet most effective) dental restorations in La Jolla, be it fillings or more complicated procedures.

Depending on where the cavities are present, your dentist may recommend certain filling materials over others. We believe in patients taking an active role in their treatment, and you’ll be educated on these options so you can choose what’s most comfortable for you.

The following filling materials are available to you:

  • Composite Resin
  • Tooth-Colored Plastics
  • Silver Amalgam
  • Gold
  • Porcelain
  • Glass Ionomer

Indirect Restoration

Indirect tooth restoration takes things a step further and requires more than one visit, given the time needed to create customized tooth replacements. These additions can be made using a variety of materials to satisfy different needs.

The following can be considered indirect methods of dental restoration in La Jolla:

While they share many of the same techniques, dental restoration differs from cosmetic dentistry in that it prioritizes healthy mouth function over aesthetics. Missing teeth can cause issues far beyond a self-conscious smile, as these gaps become vulnerable to bacterial growth, not to mention your remaining teeth must work extra hard to compensate.

Our premier dentist Beautiful Smiles of La Jolla looks forward to helping you solve your dental issues. Please give our cheerful office a call to learn more about the most comprehensive dental restoration in La Jolla.


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