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Achieve a Winning Smile with Teeth Whitening in La Jolla

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What Does Teeth Whitening Handle?

Teeth whitening can help repair a lifetime of stains, and it remains one of the most common requests in cosmetic dentistry, given just how many ailments it can fix:

Your Procedure

A professional bleaching kit is what we recommend to patients desiring whiter teeth. What makes the procedure so convenient is that the majority of the process takes place in the comfort of your own home. Please understand that our kits are stronger than over the counter options, providing more impressive, longer-lasting results.

For your first visit to Beautiful Smiles of La Jolla, yourLa Jolla dentist will make molds of your mouth that will be sent to a lab to create your custom whitening trays. These custom trays are an important part of the process; they’re designed for a personalized, snug fit. This ensures the surface of your teeth comes evenly into contact with the whitening gel.

You’ll test these new trays personally on your second visit and make a note of any adjustments needed for the best fit. While at home, you’ll fill the trays with a prepared solution and wear them according to your dentist’s plan. For some, that can be 30 minutes twice a day, for others, overnight.

It’s normal for some tooth sensitivity to be felt during this process, but should you experience more discomfort, please call our office immediately so we can assist.

After Your Procedure

Everyone’s regimen will be different, but once yours is complete be prepared for compliments on your amazing new smile! Patients too numerous to count have achieved whiter and brighter smiles than they ever thought possible. It’s no mystery why people recommend Beautiful Smiles of La Jolla when asked about fantastic teeth whitening in La Jolla.

To extend the life of your new-and-improved teeth, Beautiful Smiles of La Jolla encourages you to consider these tips:

Teeth whitening products exist everywhere, from toothpaste and mouthwash to chewing gum! While these products can help brighten your teeth, they do little by way of noticeable, “real” results. Even home-whitening kits are unable to lift your color more than a shade or two.

By contrast, our process produces shades up to eight times whiter than your natural teeth, and the outcome is longer-lasting than anything you can purchase in a store. Beautiful Smiles of La Jolla provides the most successful La Jolla teeth whitening; please give our office a call today to schedule a consultation.


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